How Many Pages Is 1,000 Words Typed?


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As a general rule of thumb, 1,000 words typed is slightly over two pages. However, the number of pages taken up by a set word length can vary considerably, depending on factors like font size, spacing and paragraph breaks.

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One good way to test the page length for 1,000 words in several formats is to paste 1,000 words of lorem ipsum text into Microsoft Word and adjust the settings. Lorem ipsum is a filler text used by designers and typographers to see what a design looks like without focusing on content. With no headings, 1,000 words of 12-point Times New Roman lorem ipsum text takes up almost two pages. In 12-point Verdana font, it takes up just over two pages. Adding a standard MLA heading and double spacing to the Times New Roman example makes it take up about three and a half pages.

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