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"Making Words" is a book series that provides lessons, tools and activities for teaching children phonics and spelling skills. Patricia M. Cunningham and Dorothy P. Hall wrote the books, which start at the kindergarten level and go to fifth grade.

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The standard activity in the "Making Words" books is forming words and sounds from letter tiles. The teacher provides each student with a certain number of letter tiles. The student uses these tiles to form words that get progressively longer. The teacher then shows them transfer words, which they break down into letter patterns. The student finishes the activity by using all the letter tiles to create one word, called the secret word.

Each book includes lessons, but the teacher can also use the letter tiles and the available information to create custom lessons. The series has individual books for each grade level from kindergarten to fifth grade, but a larger book that encompasses the first through third grades is also available. Concepts in each book vary based on the grade level. The kindergarten, first and second grade books focus on phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling. The third and fourth grade books focus on prefixes, suffixes and homophones, while the fifth grade book focuses on prefixes, suffixes and roots.

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