How Do You Make a Works Cited Page?

How Do You Make a Works Cited Page?

To make a works cited page, list all the sources used in your research on a separate sheet at the back of the report. Include all the publication information, and describe what type of source it is.

  1. Collect all pertinent information about every source used

    As you do the research, collect all the necessary publication information. For online sources, copy the URL and the date accessed. Different types of sources require different types of information, so check a current style guide to know what you need.

  2. Organize the sources

    Find the instructions for the works cited page style you are required to create, and organize the sources per those instructions. Most often, the sources are organized alphabetically.

  3. Write the words "Works Cited" on the page

    At the top of a new page, write the words "Works Cited," and center them. Do not italicize or bold them, and do not put quotation marks around the words.

  4. Write each entry

    Double space each entry. Do not skip lines between the entries.

  5. Indent the second and third lines of each entry

    Create a hanging indent by indenting all the lines of each entry other than the first one.

  6. Proofread carefully

    Proofread the works cited page carefully to ensure that every source used is cited accurately.