How Do You Make a Weather Chart for Kids?

How Do You Make a Weather Chart for Kids?

To make a weather chart for kids, create or download a calendar page, have the kids make observations about the weather, and have them use stickers or draw pictures of each day's weather. Have the kids check the high and low temperatures for each day as well and mark them on the chart. They can also mark any precipitation daily.

  1. Create the weather calendar

    Use a pre-printed calendar page as the basis for your weather chart, or download a printable page. Another option is to have the kids make a project out of designing and decorating their own calendar pages. You can print a month-long or week-long chart, depending on how long you want to track the weather.

  2. Observe the weather

    Pick a time every day to step outside and check the weather. Look for sun, rain, clouds, wind and snow. Use an outdoor thermometer to check the temperature, or have the children learn how to check with published sources to learn the high and low temperatures of each day.

  3. Make notes on the weather chart

    Have the kids mark the weather down on the weather chart each day. Use stickers to denote each of the basic types of weather, or have the kids draw pictures of clouds, rain, the sun and the rest.