How Do You Make a Thesis Statement?

How Do You Make a Thesis Statement?

To make a thesis statement, condense the information of your entire thesis and area of research to reflect the crux only. Elaborate only slightly on the topic.

  1. Analyze the paper

    Determine the type of paper that you have to write. It can be argumentative, analytical or expository. The differences, as revealed by the names, change the position and wording of the thesis statement. You must reflect the same tone when writing the statement.

  2. Write the statement

    Begin writing in the same tone as the rest of the paper. Make sure that your statement is specific in nature and does not over-extend to areas beyond the scope of the paper. Position the statement in the first paragraph. You may choose to write it at the end of the first paragraph, accompanied by a short introduction.

  3. Conclude the statement

    Be sure that the content of the statement is flexible enough to accommodate amendments. Occasionally, it may become necessary to change the thesis statement after you have completed the paper. The nature of your arguments may change, so it is a good practice to examine your statement with the final content of the body of the paper to ensure that they complement each other.