How Do You Make a Summary?

How Do You Make a Summary?

When writing a summary, start by reading the text that you want to summarize, taking note of any underlined and interesting words or phrases. Re-read the text, trying to locate the author's main ideas. Write down main points in every section in concise sentences. Use these sentences to create a thesis statement of the summary. Using the thesis statement and summarized sentences, create your summary.

  1. Read the information thoroughly

    Skim the text, and take note of any underlined or bolded words and any references. Then read it thoroughly to grasp the author's tone, style and main idea. Re-read the text, underlining the topic sentences and main facts. Label any areas you want to use as references as you write your summary. Indicate the areas you wish to avoid, too, and any points that you do not understand.

  2. Locate the main points

    After gaining an understanding of the text, locate the author's main points. Read the sentences you underlined, and identify the author's main ideas in every section. Write down the main ideas for each section in a single sentence that only contains the key points. Combine all of these sentences into one paragraph. Review this, and use it to come up with a thesis statement that conveys the message of the entire text.

  3. Write your summary

    Based on the thesis statement, combine your ideas into logical order. Arrange your key sentences into systematic order to make the body of your summary, and edit as appropriate. Add transition words to connect various ideas within your summary.