How Do You Make School Fun?

make-school-fun Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images

A great way to make school fun is to encourage students to be physically active, according to Stowell Learning Center. Movement is important in developing spatial orientation.

Movement helps the body and brain function properly, notes Stowell Learning Center. It helps improve a student's motor skills, visual skills, listening skills and coordination, and it also enables a child to understand the environment around him. Movement and exercise boost a person's energy, allowing him to focus and learn more productively. Short homework sessions should be combined with short play breaks involving movement. A few minutes of exercises in the classroom can help energize students so they can listen, learn and pay attention more enthusiastically. Moreover, parents should help their children develop a habit of being organized. Organization materials, such as a folder or notebook for every subject and an assignment planner, can help students develop organization skills effectively.

Students also need a quiet time to restore the body and mind and to let their creativity flow, notes Dr. Laura Bradway, author of "How to Maximize Your Child's Learning Ability." They should have a free weekend day once in a while and have opportunities to experience nature, such as hiking in the woods or taking a leisurely bicycle ride. After school, students should also have free time for talking with friends or listening to music before starting homework.