How Do You Make a Reward Chart for Students?

How Do You Make a Reward Chart for Students?

The first step in making a reward chart for students is to be clear about what the chart is intended to help the students change about themselves. These goals might include sharing with others or preparing for difficult tasks without arguing about them.

Allow the students to have some input over what the prize for the reward chart is. Present them with two or three options, and allow them to vote. This helps the students feel motivated because they feel like they were part of the process and now have something tangible to be working towards. To represent progress, place a sticker on the chart for every time the student demonstrates the target behavior. Determine the appropriate number of stickers to receive the prize before presenting the idea of the reward chart to students.

Make sure that students can achieve prizes within a relatively short amount of time. A high sticker price for prizes, such as 100 stickers, ensures that students lose motivation because the reward seems so far away.

The chosen prize or prizes should be kept in clear view of the students so they can visually see what they are working towards. Supplement this with verbal reminders to the students regarding what they must do to earn the prize.

Remember to not take away stickers for bad performance. Emphasizing rewards instead of using the chart for punishment helps keep students motivated.