How Do You Make a Retirement Speech?

How Do You Make a Retirement Speech?

When making a retirement speech, share some memories about things that happened on the job, bring up some achievements and discuss plans for the future. The speech should be short and relatable to everybody in the audience.

When planning a retirement speech, do the following:

  1. Bring up memories of the company
  2. Talk about some memorable things that happened from early on the job to the present. Funny stories can also be included. Talk about what challenges there were and how those challenges were overcome. Discuss coworkers who were inspirational and had an impact on success.

  3. Examine achievements
  4. Instead of focusing only on individual accomplishments, bring up some team-oriented achievements from through the years. Explore some achievements of the company as a whole and what additional goals the company may accomplish in the future.

  5. Discuss individual future plans
  6. Talk about what lies ahead during retirement. Discuss any hobbies, family plans, trips or future goals that may be of interest.