How Do You Make a Reference Page When Writing a Report?

To build a reference page for a report, write down the resources, format the reference page, and list the references in the correct order. Proper citations help avoid plagiarism and give the report more credibility.

Writing down all the sources used in the course of researching the report makes it easier to create the reference page. List each source with the corresponding information such as name of the publication, publisher, author and date of publication.

Read the reference page formatting instructions carefully, and follow the directions. A reference page is typically single-spaced and left-aligned. Indentation is also required for references that carry over to a second line.

To list book references, begin with the author’s first name followed by a semicolon. Next, write the title of the publication followed by a semicolon. Follow up by listing the city of publication, publisher's name and year of publication, using commas to separate each piece of information.

Next, reference magazine articles beginning with the author’s name followed by the magazine’s title, volume, date of publication and the article’s page number, separating each piece of information using a semicolon.

Complete the reference page by listing the website addresses of any Internet resources followed by the date the information was retrieved.