How Do You Make a Reading Fair Project?

Participants create a reading fair project by making a tri-fold display board with information about a specific book. The board information typically includes the title, author, characters, setting, summary, conflict, resolution and tone or mood.

Reading fairs are similar to science fairs with individual participants standing next to display boards. Instead of explaining an experiment, the boards display details of a selected book. Participants provide a short speech to judges and visitors.

Participants should read the directions carefully before creating the project. Many reading fairs have specific requirements for the size of the display board and the information displayed on the board. In a reading fair with judges, participants lose points if they do not follow the guidelines.

The display board should include both images and words that explain the selected story. Participants should type and print the words from a computer to create a consistent, polished look. The font should be easy to read and large enough to read from a few feet away.

The images should create a visually pleasing display. Using borders around the edges is one idea. Participants can also include images of characters or objects from the story. Some book fairs allow props on the table as part of the display. This might include a copy of the book or objects that relate to the story.