How Do You Make Place Value Charts for Students?

To make place value charts for students, teachers should divide a piece of paper into columns based on how many places they are teaching. For a lesson involving the ones, tens and hundreds places, the paper would have three columns.

Place value charts are useful tools for making the concept more concrete. Charts can be used to teach place value for whole numbers and decimals,as well as for teaching students how to multiply and divide by tens. To teach a lesson on whole-number place value, teachers should create the charts on large pieces of paper and laminate them so that students can reuse the charts. Another option is to have the students draw their own charts on small whiteboards. Teachers can create printed charts for students to take home to use for extra practice.

At the top of each chart, students should write the heading for the column. Then, as the teacher writes whole numbers on the board or says them out loud, students can write individual numbers in their correct spaces. Using the number 547, students would write the number seven in the ones place on the chart, the number four in the tens place on the chart, and the number five in the hundreds place on the chart.