How Do You Make a Permission Form?

To make a permission form, include the following information: details about the trip, a section to add important medical information, contact information and a signature section. The permission form should explain the trip to the parent or guardian and give them the opportunity to provide their consent.

  1. Explain the trip

    Provide information about the field trip, including where, when and the nature of the trip.

  2. Create a contact section

    Write up a section for contact information. If there is a problem during the field trip, parents or legal guardians may need to be contacted.

  3. Include a section for medical information

    Include a space for parents to provide important health information, including information about allergies, prescriptions, etc.

  4. Include a signature section

    Create an agreement for the parent or legal guardian to sign, providing authority to the school to act as guardians during the field trip.