How Do You Make Your Own Printable Multiple Choice Test Online?

Online test makers that let users create and print multiple choice tests are avaialble from several websites, including SchoolExpress, EasyTestMaker, Super Teacher Worksheets and The templates allow users to enter questions along with a set of possible answers into the appropriate fields, and then click a button to generate a printable version of the test. Features and available options vary depending on the test maker.

The multiple choice quiz maker at is simple and free. Users may enter a title for the test and up to eight questions, with two to four possible answers for each. The page prints directly from the Web browser.

EasyTestMaker provides users with additional features, such as the ability to divide tests into sections and to include more than four answer choices. Individuals with a free account may create and print up to 25 multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank or short answer tests per year, or users may purchase an annual subscription to create unlimited tests and unlock other features.

Super Teacher Worksheets members can create, save and print multiple choice tests with titles and unlimited questions. The worksheet maker allows up to four possible answer choices per question and prints four to five questions per page.

Users need a premium account at to create printable multiple choice tests with up to 50 questions per test and two to four possible answers per question. Options are available to generate wrong answers automatically, or users may enter the choices manually. A writing exercise may be added to the multiple choice test.