How Do You Make Your Own Blank Answer Sheets?

Make your own blank answer sheets using word processing or spreadsheet software. Type in numbers and blank lines to provide spaces for each answer and tab, or include a line space between each answer. Compile an answer sheet for multiple choice questions by typing A, B, C and D followed by spaces, tabs or a return for students to select the correct answer when working on a test or worksheet.

To create an answer sheet template in a spreadsheet program, use each cell as a separate blank for the answers or numbers. Type in the question number and tab to move to the next cell within the spreadsheet software. Add circled letters for students to fill in by selecting the bullet option and choosing the correct style. The symbol section of word processing or spreadsheet software may also provide circled numbers to use in a blank answer sheet.

Make your own blank answer sheet by inserting a table into a word processing document or spreadsheet. The table tool creates a grid for users to easily tab from one row or column to the next. Designate the number of rows and columns desired based on the number of questions or answers students must provide on the test, quiz or worksheet.