How Do You Make Multiplication Table Cards?

To create multiplication table flash cards, write an equation on one side of a note card and the answer on the other side of the card. Repeat this with every equation in the multiplication table. Alternatively, write an equation on one note card and the answer to that equation on another. Students can then match up equation cards with the corresponding answer cards.

The amount of cards to make varies depending on the multiplication table, as different sizes of multiplication tables are available. Most multiplication tables start with the equation 1 times 1, which is in the table's upper left corner. The table's largest equation is in the lower right corner. Tables that go up to 10 times 10 or 12 times 12 are commonly used in schools.

One method to speed up learning when using multiplication table flash cards is removing equations that are easy to perform or redundant. Easy to perform equations include any equations that involve multiplying by 1 or 2, as any number multiplied by 1 is that number and any number multiplied by 2 is simply doubled. Redundant equations are equations that are repeated with the numbers switched, such as 6 times 7 and 7 times 6.