How Do You Make a Multiple Choice Spelling Test?

To create a multiple-choice spelling test, compile your list of words to spell, and write one sentence per word that includes that word. Make three incorrect alternative spellings for each word.

  1. Make a list of words to spell

    Decide how many words you wish to include in your test, and create a list from the words your students or you have been studying. Some tests includes all of the words assigned to study, and some include only a portion of them.

  2. Write one sentence per word

    For each word, create a sentence that would normally include the word. Insert a blank space here instead. On a multiple-choice test, the question is known as a stem. The stem should be meaningful so that there is no confusion as to which word the test taker is being asked to spell. For example, the stem should not read, "This is how to spell (blank)."

  3. Create three misspelled alternative answers

    After writing each stem, create a list of suggestions. These suggestions are known as alternatives and include one correct alternative, which is the answer, and several incorrect alternatives called distractors. Effective distractors include the most common spelling errors. These can be adding extra letters like ‘C’, ‘M’ or ‘R’, and placing letters like ‘I’ and ‘E’ in the wrong order.