How Do You Make Lesson Plans for Second Graders?

Lesson plans for second graders should build upon English, math and science subjects taught in the previous grade level, using various class projects and lessons accompanied with worksheets to evaluate that the students learned and understood the material. Lesson plans need to be tailored for 7- and 8-year-olds.

English tends to encompass basic reading and writing skills. Math covers very basic arithmetic, word problems and other simple topics, while science covers basic planetary science.

Online lesson plans commonly recommend using engaging projects and learning games to allow the students to have fun while understanding the material. It is also very important that the students complete some kind of worksheet during or at the end of the lesson. The worksheets require the students to be actively participating in the learning process. Through the worksheets, the teacher can also evaluate how well the students comprehended the material.

The material in a second-grade level lesson plan should build off the knowledge students gain after completing their first grade level. Because of this, topics shouldn't jump too far ahead, as this can challenge the students prematurely and lead to many students having too much difficulty assimilating the information presented in the lessons.