How Do You Make a Lesson Plan for Writing a Biography?


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To make a lesson plan for writing a biography, define the primary goals and learning objectives, organize the goals into actionable steps, outline each step and compose an actual teacher's script if necessary. Consult pre-existing lesson plans for writing a biography, such as those at Scholastic.com and Teach-nology.com.

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On your lesson plan, list all materials you require and any special accommodations for students. If you intend to use any technology or interactive programs, incorporate them into the script of your lesson plan and perform a run-through before your live presentation. Your script is merely a reference and should include your introduction to the lesson, a description of planned class activities and an explanation of the five elements of a biographical paragraph: the subject, her appearance, her background, her significant accomplishments and a summary.

Write a short biography in front of the class to demonstrate how to incorporate these five elements. Pick a student, and compose his biography on the spot, or choose a well-known historical figure or a pop star. Ask the students to gather information about the figure or to cull from what they already know, and compose the biography with the students' help as they use their notes for guidance. The last part of your lesson plan should prompt you to check with your students for understanding and then to close the lesson.

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