How Do You Make a Lesson Plan to Improve Daily Life Skills?


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To make a lesson plan to improve daily life skills, choose an area of instruction, such as vocational skills, management skills or social skills. Next, determine an allotment of time for each topic to cover, as well as activities, material review and supplemental resources.

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How Do You Make a Lesson Plan to Improve Daily Life Skills?
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With lesson plans for vocational skills, split the time between explaining the type of jobs or skills needed in the work place, professional behavior, interview techniques and appropriate networking between co-workers or supervisors. Some activities could include mock interviews or analyzing trade-appropriate or office-related problems and ways to solve them. Another activity is walking a student through the first work day or discussing how to work toward opportunities for advancement.

Lesson plans for management skills cover everything from telephone skills to money management issues. Each lesson plan is specific to the skill covered, such as teaching the importance of understanding banking, balancing a checkbook, establishing personal credit and creating an appropriate budget based on income. Activities include examples of shopping for the best deals, troubleshooting emergencies or choosing the appropriate help for particular problems.

Lesson plans covering social skills start with basic communication, such as body language, active listening and appropriate assertive behavior. Other topics to teach are anger management, conflict resolution and coping skills for various groups of people, such as roommates, family or co-workers. Activities are based around the particular skill, such as troubleshooting a negative encounter with a co-worker or dealing with the loss of a family member.

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