How Do You Make Learning About Harriet Tubman Fun and Understandable for Kids?


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A way to make learning about Harriet Tubman fun and understandable is to create activities, such as constructing craft projects, singing songs or using maps and the stars to recreate an underground railroad route. Harriet Tubman was a woman with many great achievements, but her role in helping slaves through the underground railroad to freedom was one of her most significant accomplishments.

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There are a variety of classroom activities that can help make learning about Harriet Tubman fun and interesting for kids. Below are a few options to help kids learn about Harriet Tubman and her work.

  • Make a timeline plate
  • Making a timeline on a paper plate is a crafty project that encourages kids to learn important facts about Tubman's life, such as her birth date, birth place, escape from slavery and the start of the civil war.

  • Sing songs
  • Songs were a large part of the Underground Railroad, and they often revealed secret locations for safehouses, conductors and station masters. Researching the songs and locating the messages is a fun way to get kids interested.

  • Create songs
  • Having kids create their own lyrics that lead to important information is a way to teach kids about history.

  • Use a map to trace her route
  • Family activities for kids to learn about Harriet Tubman in a fun and easy to understand way include taking kids on the same journey she experienced. Use a map to trace the routes of different underground railroads, and then have kids help determine how long it took to travel the route and learn about what they ate along the way andwhere they slept.

  • Learn about the stars
  • Teach kids about the stars and how they point to directions, focusing on how they were used to navigate theway to freedom and safety.

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