How Do You Make a Grade Chart?


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Create a grade chart in Microsoft Excel by typing "Name" in the first cell and then entering each student's name in its own cell in the same column. In the same row as the word "Name," enter the title of each assignment in a new cell as students complete their work, and enter the students' grades going down the column corresponding with each assignment. At the end of the school year, add the headings "final average" and "letter grade."

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To keep the grading chart tidy, use abbreviations, such as "T1" instead of "Test One," for the names of the assignments. It may be helpful to include a legend at the bottom of the chart that reminds you of what the different abbreviations represent and another separate table detailing what percentage of the students' overall grades each type of assignment is worth.

When it comes time to compute final grades, Excel formulas can make the computations quicker. As a simple example, if the students have two tests worth 40 percent of their grades combined, two projects counting for 30 percent, and three homework assignments worth 30 percent, the Excel formula for the student whose name is in column 2 might look like: =(((B2+C2)/2)*0.40)+(((D2+E2)/2)*0.30)+(((F2+G2+H2)/3)*0.30))). The cell letter and number combinations, such as "B2," should represent the appropriate cell locations of the different grades. After typing the formula for the first student on the list, apply the same formula for the rest of the students by clicking on the bottom-right corner of the cell containing the student's average grade and dragging the cursor down the column.

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