How Do I Make a Good Study Schedule?

How Do I Make a Good Study Schedule?

How Do I Make a Good Study Schedule?

Create a study schedule with a weekly planner that has space for you to write down your current obligations and block out study time. Determine your study goals at the beginning of each week by evaluating which classes need more study time. It usually takes about 30 minutes to create a good schedule.

  1. Outline your current responsibilities

    On a weekly planner, pencil in your current obligations. Block out the time when you are at work or school and any time periods when you plan to participate in other activities. Block out time for eating and sleeping.

  2. Schedule your study time

    Block out times reserved for studying with different colors to help you remember your new obligations. Each time block should be dedicated to one subject. For example, on Mondays, you could study chemistry for one hour, but on Thursdays, you could block out two hours to study physics. This color-coded hourly plan keeps you organized and on track each day.

  3. Update your study goals

    At the beginning of each week, update your study goals and change your schedule accordingly. If you have an upcoming test, consider dedicating more study time to that subject. Analyze what needs to be finished for each class, and set aside enough time in your schedule to accomplish your assignments.