How Do You Make Friends in College?

How Do You Make Friends in College?

Make friends in college by getting to know people living nearby, making the most of meal times, participating in the social scene and being yourself. Basic manners, polite behavior and asking questions about other people help foster new relationships.

  1. Get to know people living nearby

    Whether you live in a dorm or an apartment complex, get to know the people who reside nearby. Speak to people in elevators, go to residence mixers, and make an effort to get to know those around you.

  2. Look for friends at meals

    Use meal time as a way to meet new people and cultivate friendships in dining halls, campus cafés or local restaurants. Ask, "Can I sit here?" Then strike up a conversation about classes, professors and local events.

  3. Get involved

    Get involved in activities that interest you to meet others who enjoy doing the same things. Go to events on campus and in the local area. If you love art, visit an art museum. If you love to dance, hit the local dance club.

  4. Be yourself

    To find friends, be yourself and remember your manners. Being a nice person, being polite and respectful, and asking good questions help everyone find friends in college.