How Do You Make Flashcards for a Quiz on State Capitals?

To make flash cards for a quiz on state capitals, find a flash card generator online or a template for a word processing program and then put the state on one side of each flash card and the state capital on the other side. Students can print out the flash card sheets, cut out each card and then use them to practice their state capitals for the quiz.

Follow the steps below to make state capitals flash cards for students.

  1. Find a generation tool or template
  2. One website with a flash card maker is, which allows users to make up to five pages of four flash cards each and then download them as a printable document file. If using word processing software is preferred, there are downloadable templates for flashcards through Microsoft Word's template gallery. They may have the label of "pocket reference cards," notes

  3. Create the cards
  4. Depending on the template or website used, fill in both sides of the flash cards. One side should have the name of the state, although additional content such a picture of the state can also be added if the tool or template supports images. The other side of the flash card should have the capital name.

  5. Print the flash cards for use
  6. If using a word processor, use the word processor's print option to print out each sheet of state capital flash cards. If using an online tool, follow its steps for downloading and printing a document of the cards. After printing, cut each card out and fold it in half so that each side has either the state or capital facing out.