How Do You Make an E-Book?

How Do You Make an E-Book?

To make an e-book, create a manuscript, then use a software program to convert the book from a word processor format to the desired e-book format. Check the conversion for accuracy and appearance. Upload the formatted document to the appropriate booksellers.

  1. Proofread the manuscript

    Read the manuscript for content and spelling, and check hidden formatting and text codes. Conversion programs may have difficulty with misplaced or extra codes in the text, so simplify your text as much as possible.

  2. Select the best conversion process

    Decide which conversion program to use and whether to have it done by a professional depending on your desired distribution platforms. Some booksellers have their own conversion programs, while others require the manuscript be converted into a certain style before it is sent to them. Examine each one's requirements, then analyze your own computer skills to help with this decision.

  3. Send your manuscript through conversion

    If you are doing the conversion yourself, open the program, and download your manuscript for conversion. If having the conversion done by someone else, send the manuscript to them in the requested format.

  4. Review the results

    Check your converted manuscript thoroughly to catch problems before the e-book is distributed. Fix any problems yourself, or have your professional make the necessary changes.

  5. Upload your finalized manuscript to the desired booksellers

    You are ready to make the book available for distribution. Upload the text to the bookseller's websites or place advertisement banners or links on your own website.