How Do You Make Anagrams From Words?


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Use an anagram dictionary or online anagram finder to make an anagram from a word. An anagram dictionary lists common words in alphabetical order; each entry has a list of all possible anagrams of that word. Several online anagram finders exist, including Anagram-Solver.net, AnagramLogic.com, and Wordsmith.org. You can also manually construct anagrams by using a pencil and paper to rearrange the letters of the word until you can spot a new word.

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An anagram is a perfect rearrangement of a word, such that each letter appears exactly the same number of times in the new word as it does in the original. The new word must also be meaningful. An example of an anagram of the word "tea" is "eat;" however, "tee" is not an anagram of "tea," as it does not contain the letter A.

Many English words have several anagrams: for example, the word "retains" includes "retinas" and "antsier" and has a total of eight anagrams. The word "spear" has several anagrams, including "rapes," "pares" and "spare."

Anagrams can be a great tool to build word power, vocabulary and skills at word games such as Scrabble. They can also be entertaining bits of trivia. For example, an anagram of “William Shakespeare” is “I am a weakish speller.”

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