What Majors Are Available at the ATI Career Training Center?

What Majors Are Available at the ATI Career Training Center?

ATI Career Training centers offered majors in several different technical disciplines and trade-related areas such as dental care and drafting. In August 2013, ATI Career Training was being liquidated by a crisis management firm, according to the Miami Herald.

ATI Career Training centers consisted of 16 campuses located throughout Texas, Florida, Oklahoma and New Mexico. The two-year community college offered certificates or diplomas in several health-related disciplines such as respiratory therapy, dental laboratory technician, dental assistant, medical/clinical assistant and pharmacy technician/assistant. Additional health-related programs were medical office administration, medical administration technology, personal fitness trainer and massage therapy.

The organization also offered training in electronic engineering technologies, automotive service technology, electronic systems technology, precision production trades and air conditioning/heating/refrigeration. Business administration technology and network administration technology were also offered at some locations.

ATI centers offered flexible options for students, including accelerated programs, weekend college, double majors, independent study and external degree programs. The specific programs offered varied across different locations. Financial assistance was available to students via loans, grants and an institutional payment plan. The college also offered a computer purchase plan. Persons with disabilities had access to services such as reading machines, tape recorders in class, peer tutors, professional tutors and technical tools during exams.

As of May 2015, ATI centers were not accepting new inquiries.