What Are Some of the Major Topics Covered in World History Textbooks?


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Some of the major topics included in a high school world history textbook include world religions, the trading empire of Ghana in West Africa and the technological achievements of the Aztec, Incan and Mayan empires, according to Teach TCI. These topics are covered in the "History Alive! World Connections" textbook. There are some overlapping topics available in the Pearson Prentice Hall textbook "History of Our World: the Early Ages," which devotes more chapters to ancient civilizations.

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When world history is taken in middle school, the instruction covers many of the same topics but may include more information that is meant to appeal to intuition or the development of critical reasoning skills. For example, Chapter 1 of the "Focus: Middle School World History" textbook attempts to answer the question of why humans left Africa and began to settle around the world. Chapter 4 focuses on how and why civilizations develop around rivers, according to the Council for Economic Education.

Barron's advanced placement world history textbook is designed to prepare high school students for the advanced placement test, which sometimes allows students to test out of college courses. Some of the topics included in this textbook are early agricultural societies, the development of states and empires, and the economic systems of the Middle Ages.

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