What Major Should Someone Take to Become a Pediatrician?


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There are many possible career paths for a pediatrician and a person planning to become a pediatrician can major in virtually any field; however, there are other requirements, such as a high college GPA, specific science courses, specific math courses and extracurricular activities that coincide with the profession. Studies have shown that humanities majors who meet the other requirements listed above do just as well as science majors when it comes to medical school and the pediatric specialty.

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Medical schools want to see students who pursue their passions and who are knowledgeable about science and math. The admissions committees also want to see students who are active in extracurricular roles either on campus or in the student's community. They also want to see students who are happy to volunteer or intern in a medical role, such as pharmacy, hospital, dental office or veterinary office, to show their interest in the profession.

Most students will then apply to medical school the summer before their final year in undergraduate school. The 2010 national average acceptance rate of United States medical schools was 45 percent. To ensure that a student is prepared for medical school, the student should meet with his or her advisers at college and plan out an appropriate course to meet all of the requirements to apply. The pediatrician specialty is chosen after the student has graduated from medical school.

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