What Are the Major Features of Classworks?


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Classworks combines mastery of key skills, individualized learning, progress measurement, reporting and service management into one learning package. It is also highly adaptable and can work with many school learning management systems.

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Classworks provides both grade-level class material as well as a focus on individual student needs. A series of two to three minute mini-lessons provide instructor-led overviews of course material. Students delve deeper into the material by taking part in accompanying interactive tasks that adjust according to individual performance. The lessons also come with formative assessments and performance tasks.

The program charts different pathways for each student through its individualized learning technology. Lessons and assessments undergo customization according to student performance. The program also provides teachers with data on individual student performance through real time measurements. Classworks also carries out progress measurement through its Universal Screeners component, which identifies each student's baseline level and measures progress from there, providing a snap shot of learning acceleration and accuracy. Classworks Summative Benchmark Assessments provides data on student progression over longer periods of time.

The program's reporting system provides teachers with a streamlined picture of assessment outcomes. Student progress is also visible to the students themselves, and the program utilizes several means to encourage better performance through badges and other motivators.

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