How Do You Look up LAUSD Employees?

Look up LAUSD employees by navigating to the district home page at The exact process depends on the employee’s job, location and the way the district has designed its Web pages. Among Menu options linking directly to district personnel are Contact Us, Staff Directory and School Matrix.

The names of district administrators are accessed using the second menu down from the top of the home page. Mouse over About LAUSD, and select District Information from the drop down menu. On the new page, select the LAUSD Organization Chart option from the District Information menu to the right.

Look up employees assigned to various district offices by clicking on the Offices option located in the top menu on the district home page. This opens a page listing the district’s numerous divisions.

Selecting certain offices, such as Psychological Services, opens a page that lists office locations along with the names, telephone numbers and titles of staff. Selecting Certificated Credentials and Contract Services opens a page where employee information is accessed by clicking on the Staff Directory option in the right-hand menu.

On the page opened by selecting Human Relations, Diversity and Equity, employee names, numbers and positions are found by selecting Contact Us rather than Staff Directory. However, a significant number of offices do not list any of their employees.

To access the names of teachers and school administrators, select the Find a School option on the district home page. Use the search tool to locate schools by name, school code or zip code.

Click on a link to a specific school. From there, click on the link to the school’s website. Then select an appropriate menu item, such as School Staff, School Matrix or Directory, to look up the names of school personnel.