How Do I Look up CPT Codes?

How Do I Look up CPT Codes?

Look up CPT codes by accessing the American Medical Association website, accepting the licensing agreement and searching for the code. The AMA provides this service to users free of charge. Ongoing services such as coding updates and newsletters are available.

  1. Visit the AMA website

    Register at the AMA website, and accept the end user agreement. This does not make one a member of the AMA. It only provides access to the coding part of the website.

  2. Choose the city and the state

    Most major cities are listed, but if the one needed is not on the list, choose "rest of" followed by the state name.

  3. Enter the code

    Type the five-digit code into the code field and click on "enter." If the code is not available, continue to step four.

  4. Enter the name of the procedure

    Type in the name of the procedure to obtain the code and the description.

  5. Narrow down the search

    To reduce the number of codes to choose from, use a medical dictionary to find the term for the body part or procedure, and then type in the term.

  6. Look through the list

    Set aside some time to search through the various codes to find the specific one needed.