How Long Does It Take to Memorize Something?

The rate at which individuals memorize something differs. Memory relies on the brain developing set patterns between cells and nerves. How fast these patterns develop not only varies from person to person, but it also can vary from day to day.

Factors that contribute to different rates of memorization include age, focus and health.

The older one gets, the harder it becomes to create new memories. Experts do not agree on how aging changes memorization. One popular theory proposes that as a person ages, the connections between his brain cells degenerate.

Another factor includes whether or not a person remains focused on what he is trying to memorize. Distractions cause problems when one attempts to memorize something new. Distractions make it difficult for brain cells to develop the necessary repetitive patterns essential for memorization.

Health plays a role, as some people may have hereditary issues. Drug and alcohol abuse also contribute to the brain's ability to store new information.