How Long Does It Take to Become an Acupuncturist?


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The period of training to become an acupuncturist is mostly three years for acupuncture and four years for oriental medicine. However, this depends on how a person chooses an acupuncture college, as this is the only guarantee of receiving quality education.

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How Long Does It Take to Become an Acupuncturist?
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To register for a course, different acupuncture colleges have different entry requirements. In most cases, having a four-year college degree is enough to guarantee a person an entry into an acupuncture program. Even though most colleges will not require one to have an undergraduate degree, each acupuncture college will require her/him to show credit in specific college course to get an entry.

To gain more insight about the course, a person has to talk to students studying acupuncture, acupuncture graduates and professional acupuncturists. They will all offer valuable insights on the process of becoming a certified acupuncturist. Students will offer insights about the academic, financial and clinical work load of the course. Graduates will offer help about the challenges a person may face as a practicing acupuncturist, while professionals will share their joyful experiences.

Passing examinations and earning certification can determine a person’s title. In this respect, it is important for a student to know where he wants to practice and the things he should do before he begins practicing.

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