How Do You Log Into a School Website As a Parent?


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In order to log into a school website as a parent, you need to use a portal on the website designed specifically for parents. Not all schools have parent portals, so check with the school administration before trying to find one.

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To log into a school website as a parent, go to the homepage, and choose the parent portal. Using the credentials given to you by the school administration upon your child's enrollment, enter in the relevant information, and wait to be signed on to the portal. Parent portals usually include a variety of announcements and messages designed to help parents coordinate with the school and provide their children resources to succeed academically.

Depending on the school, parents might be able to add events to event rosters, examine a homework schedule, interact with parents on a message board and speak with teachers on a personal basis. Parents with more than one child can typically examine a database of each child who is enrolled in the school. Parent portals feature different information than student portals and show data that is primarily beneficial to parents, such as grades and contact information. Parent portals help parents keep abreast of their children's performance at school.

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