How Do You Log in to Infinite Campus?


To log in to Infinite Campus, go to the homepage of your school website, locate the student section, look for the Infinite Campus portal and use the credentials supplied by your school's staff to log in. Registered schools issue login details and give support to their students.

The Infinite Campus student portal is a Web platform that enables students to access information about their school attendance and performance. The portal also allows students to view school announcements and register for new courses. However, students can only access these services if they have a registered Infinite Campus account.

The school staff in all American school districts provides students with the login credentials of the Infinite Campus portal. The user name is the student's ID number while the password is the student's birth date or some preset characters. Students can log in to the portal through their school website. Infinite Campus also has a mobile application that students can use. The application is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Through the parent portal, Infinite Campus also enables parents to review the grades, attendance and behavior of their children. School staff also creates user accounts for the parents and legal guardians of students in their school.