How Do You Find Local Online Schools?

How Do You Find Local Online Schools?

Four online resources for locating online schools in your area are U.S. News and World Report, the Directory of Schools, the Online Schools Directory and Get Education. These websites focus mainly on online colleges and universities; the Directory of Schools also includes diploma and General Educational Development programs.

U.S. News and World Report categorizes online colleges and universities according to degree type, including bachelor degrees, MBAs, graduate business programs, graduate criminal justice programs and graduate engineering programs. Choose a degree type, then browse through lists to see if any schools are in your area.

The Directory of Schools has an online search engine. Enter your ZIP code, school type, education level, concentration and sub-concentration, and then click the Search button. Note that the list also shows schools that provide online services in your area, even though they may not physically exist in your locality.

The Online Schools Directory has a list of states you can click on to search for online schools in your area. The website also has a search engine for more fine-tuned results.

Although you cannot search by location on Get Educated, you can search by degree type and then browse the relevant school lists for locations near you.