What Is a List of Words That Are Hard to Pronounce?

The following is a list of words that people find hard to pronounce: anesthetize, hierarchy, mischievous, miscellaneous and rarely. Some people find longer words, such as antidisestablishmentarianism, otorhinolaryngologist, and the obscure word pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, particularly difficult to pronounce.

Words may be difficult to pronounce for a number of reasons. One common reason for pronunciation difficulties is silent letters. For example, in the word "plumber," the "b" is silent. Other examples of words with silent letters are knee, write, half, autumn and reign.

Words that diverge from the phonetic pronunciation can also be difficult to pronounce, such as the world "colonel," which is pronounced "kernel." Other words, such as "sixth"' and "eighth," may be challenging to pronounce as they include consonant clusters.

Words may also be hard to pronounce as the incorrect pronunciation sounds right. For example, people often pronounce and spell the word "remuneration" as "renumeration," which is not a word that appears in the dictionary.

One way to improve pronunciation is to look up words in an online dictionary that allows users to hear word pronunciation. Another useful tool to improve pronunciation is to learn the phonemic chart. The phonemic chart breaks down all the sounds in the English language. Dictionaries often provide the phonemic script alongside word entries. For example, the representation of the word "receipt" in phonemic script is "/r?'si:t/."