What Is a List of Second-Grade Spelling Words?

Second-grade spelling words include motion, change, dig, kick and climb. The K-12 Reader and Home Spelling Words websites both provide lists of second-grade spelling words.

The K-12 website splits spelling words into a weekly curriculum spanning 36 weeks. The words are sorted by how they are spelled and also what they sound like. For example, week one spelling words include sight words, r-controlled "a" and academic vocabulary, while the week 29 list includes sight words, initial wh- pattern and academic vocabulary. Each week has sight words and academic vocabulary on the list, but the words do change from week to week. More spelling words included on these lists are smaller, sling, dishes, oral and triumph.

The Home Spelling Words website offers similar lists spanning 30 weeks. These lists sort words based on whether they are "basic" or a "challenge." Some basic words from the lists are goes, his, round, acres and spoon. Challenging words include watermelon, waiver, foundation, cubicle and gravel. Additionally, the website offers a fill-in-the-blank game that is paired with the spelling lists. Students can play the fill-in-the-blank game by first reading the sentence and then correctly entering a word from the spelling list into the blank slot.