How Do You List References for a Research Paper?

How Do You List References for a Research Paper?

List references for a research paper on a separate page, and attach it to the end of the paper. Include all of the information that a reader would need to find and retrieve the same sources that you found. Put all sources that you cite in your reference list.

  1. Compile the information necessary for each reference

    Consult the exact requirements specific to the academic format your professor has specified; MLA format is common in the humanities, APA is common in the social sciences and Chicago/Turabian is common in theology. Gather such information as the source's author, title, publication, date of publication, the date you found it (for online sources) and publication date and location (for books).

  2. Format the information correctly

    Find a free bibliography compiler online, choose your required academic format, and enter the information into the proper fields. Click Enter or Submit and await the formatted entry. Copy the entry, and paste it into your paper. Format the information yourself if you do not have access to a free online compiler. Follow the format specific to your paper; if you are citing a magazine article using MLA format, for example, format it this way: Author's Last Name, Author's First Name. "Title of Article." Magazine Name (in italics) Volume number (in italics): Issue number, Page numbers in which the article appears.

  3. Sort the entries alphabetically

    Change paragraph settings so that the first line indentation is 0 inches and subsequent lines indent 0.5 inches. Place each entry into the reference list, ordering them alphabetically by the author's last name.