What Is a List of Interesting Science Experiments for a Fifth Grade Science Project?


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Interesting science experiments for a fifth grade science project include mapping the use of energy, water purification, producing energy efficient windows, heat convection in liquid experiments, how to make lightning and more. Education.com and InteractiveScienceTeacher.com provide comprehensive resources for fifth grade science fair project ideas.

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Downloadable projects at Education.com contain detailed lists of necessary materials. Procedures are easy to follow and are presented in a step-by-step format. Each project includes a results section that explains how the experiment should have worked. Projects also include information as to why the results occur with questions and answers from students who have tried them.

InteractiveScienceTeacher.com offers fifth grade science experiments that pertain to relevant grade topics and use common materials. Site visitors must join to get full access but there are experiments that are offered for free. Experiment topics include dog breeds, cell cycles, homeostasis, the DNA chain and diluting DNA. Experiments in the broader topics of earth and space, physical science and general science are also included. Students can access video and PowerPoint presentations and teacher notes by clicking on a topic.

Fifth grade science typically explores the physical world through hands-on projects and experiments that center on subjects such as the digestive system, the chemical properties of elements and the solar system.

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