How Do You Find a List of Graduates From a College?


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There are several ways to obtain a list of graduates from a particular college, providing the list is public at all. Perform a keyword search using several major search engines. Search within a particular college's website for lists of graduates, or search for alumni lists by department.

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Colleges publish graduation lists in a variety of formats, either as a general alumni directory available to the public, a private alumni directory available to members or as lists of graduates by year. Every college has a different means of making such information available, and some colleges choose to keep this information private.

A few colleges merely publish alumni information pertaining to certain schools and not others, as is the case with DePauw University, which only publishes a list of chemistry and biochemistry graduates. As of 2015, this is the only list of DePauw graduates that appears in response to a keyword search on major search engines. A study of DePauw's website reveals that this list is unique and is not a rule. No such list exists for the English department, for example.

Some colleges don't publish a public list of graduates at all. Texas A&M, for example, gives a commencement booklet to graduation attendees. This is the only public list of graduates. No public list appears online in any form or at Texas A&M's website, according to the institution.

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