What Is a List of Grade 4 Spelling Words?

What Is a List of Grade 4 Spelling Words?

One example of a list of spelling words for grade four is "alligator," "camera," "January," "fellow" and "effort." Another list is "against," "catch," "double," "knight" and "paste."

Kids in the fourth grade are ready to learn about building compounds, adding prefixes and suffixes, and understanding tricky homophone sets. Providing fourth graders with practice in these areas improves spelling skills. Words that focus on compounds, homophones and suffixes include "powerful," "useless," "wouldn't" and "hour."

Spelling bee words that are appropriate for kids in the fourth grade are "crumb," "beautiful," "forecast" and pour. Other good spelling bee words are "evening," "avenue," "chimney," "surprise" and "beggar."

Resources for more lists of fourth grade spelling words include Super Teacher Worksheets, Spelling-Words-Well.com and K12 Reader. Super Teacher Worksheets provides free spelling worksheets for fourth graders as well as worksheets that require a website membership for access. The spelling activities on these worksheets include putting words in alphabetical order, cryptogram puzzles, word searches and word scrambles.

Spelling-Words-Well.com provides a printable list of 300 spelling words that are appropriate for fourth graders. This website also provides a list of spelling bee words for fourth grade kids. K12 Reader features a 36-week program for fourth grade spelling lessons.