Where is a list of colleges and universities that offer ROTC programs?


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The Military and Armstrong University websites both include lists of Reserve Officers' Training Corps, or ROTC, programs at colleges and universities by state, with the Military site also specifying whether the college or university offers Air Force, Navy or Army ROTC programs. Some institutions offering ROTC programs include Auburn University, Colorado State University, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Georgia, Illinois State University, Georgetown University, Purdue University, Johns Hopkins University, Seattle University, Norwich University, West Virginia University, Texas A&M University and the University of Utah.

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ROTC programs are designed to prepare students to become military officers after graduation. Admission requirements vary but usually involve being within an age range, having a specific college grade point average and meeting fitness standards. Students in these programs take their regular college courses but also participate in military and officer training exercises, either at the college or at a location nearby. There are also summer training programs that students have to participate in. Although ROTC programs exist only for the Army, Navy and Air Force, graduates can also become officers in other military branches upon completion.

After completing the ROTC program, graduates have to complete active-duty service in the military, and it is usually 4 or 8 years. The length depends also on what type of scholarship the graduate received and the type of commission.

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