Where Do You Find Lisa Frank School Supplies?

Where Do You Find Lisa Frank School Supplies?

Lisa Frank school supplies are no longer manufactured, as of 2015. Therefore, the school supplies are only available in vintage form on sites such as Amazon.com, though Urban Outfitters sells a select few Lisa Frank items.

In 2012, Urban Outfitters started selling limited edition Lisa Frank stickers, folders and stationery. These were vintage pieces, and they are mostly gone. However, the sold items featured the colorful designs with girl-inspired symbols such as hearts, unicorns and flowers. The store now sells T-shirts with those Lisa Frank designs.

The online retailer Amazon.com periodically sells Lisa Frank school supplies. EBay.com is another retailer with occasional Lisa Frank items, depending on what independent sellers have to offer.

The troubles for Lisa Frank's company started with lawsuits in 2005. Frank sued her ex-husband and co-founder James A. Green. The basis of the lawsuit was that Green removed computers and original artwork from the factory. The court ordered Green to return some of the company items, which the court deemed were intellectual property of Lisa Frank Inc.

Lisa Frank tried to make a comeback in 2012 with Urban Outfitters and a manufacturing and distribution company called CSS Industries Inc. However, CSS Industries failed to follow through on all its promises, so Frank sued. Therefore, no new Lisa Frank items are available for purchase.