What Are Lifetouch School Portraits?

Lifetouch is a photography company that specializes in portraits for school picture days. As of 2015, the company takes yearly individual portraits for students from preschool to high school. It also captures images for school milestones and events.

Lifetouch National School Studios provides professional photography to students at their schools. School picture days are typically during the fall semester of the school year. The Lifetouch photographer is invited to the school by a teacher or administrator and typically photographs students by class or grade level. Lifetouch also offers spring school portraits.

Students and parents can purchase the pictures directly from Lifetouch. Before picture day, students complete an order form that details the available packages and services. Students may also be photographed with their sports teams and school clubs on picture day. These pictures, along with the student's individual portrait, usually appear in the school's yearbook.

Lifetouch also takes senior pictures for students who are preparing to graduate from high school. It also photographs milestones such as prom and graduation. The company has expanded to provide photography services to churches and families in studios around the country. It also offers the SmileSafe program, which provides identification with vital information for young children in case they are separated from their parents.