What Is the Life Expectancy of a Border Collie and Chow Chow Mix?

The life expectancy of a border collie and Chow Chow mix is between nine and 15 years. This depends on whether more genes were inherited from the border collie or the Chow Chow.

A border collie has an average lifespan of 12 to 13 years. It is possible for this breed to live up to 20 years. Chow Chows are more variable; some live for only eight years, while others live up to 15. In general, small dogs live longer than larger dogs, but this is not the only factor that affects a dog's life expectancy. Both dogs are active, working breeds that thrive and survive longer with sufficient exercise.

One can also expect a mixed breed dog to live slightly longer because they generally enjoy better health. A female dog typically outlives a male of the same breed or mix.

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