What Are Some Liberal Arts College Courses?


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A liberal arts college education involves taking courses in the humanities, creative arts, social sciences and natural sciences. Examples of specific classes include creative writing, anthropology, sociology, psychology and political science. Liberal arts students also commonly study literature, history and modern languages, such as Spanish and French.

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Students who earn liberal arts degrees often major in subjects such as communication, psychology, sociology, linguistics and math, although it is not uncommon for liberal arts students to also take courses in the natural sciences. Unlike more vocationally oriented programs, such as engineering, nursing and computer science, the purpose of a liberal arts education is not to prepare students for entry into a specific career or job sector. However, pursuing a liberal arts degree can make students more marketable to employers by providing them with valuable skills, such as writing, communication, foreign language and research skills.

Individuals choose to pursue liberal arts educations for a variety of reasons. One reason is that they feel pursuing a particular subject can provide them with useful skills for the type of career they want. For example, although the purpose of an English degree is not specifically to prepare graduates for careers in editing, students who aspire to work as editors may major in English to acquire valuable grammar and syntax skills. Others simply enroll in liberal arts programs for a sense of personal fulfillment.

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