What Is the Lexia Reading Program?


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The Lexia reading program offers a basic reading program, a Core5 program that helps develop fundamental reading skills for students in pre-K to grade 5 and the Lexia Strategies program that is developed for remedial reading students in grade 6 and above. The Lexia reading program provides an age-appropriate curriculum to help accelerate reading skills.

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The Lexia reading program and the Core5 program can be downloaded in the AppStore for Apple products and the Google Play store for android devices. The basic Lexia reading program utilizes the five core reading skills as dictated by the National Reading Panel for reading proficiency. The core skills include fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, phonological awareness and phonics.

The Lexia Core5 program is an extension of the basic program and provides instant feedback and detailed instruction whether used online or with a teacher. The program provides teachers with action plans that are designed through the data gathered from the students studies and tests. The program is designed to display each students skill level, learning function and dysfunctions to help determine if the child will meet, exceed or fail certain benchmarks for their grade level. With the action plan, teachers can spot students that are at risk and work with the program to create a better and more effective curriculum for that student.

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